Short stories

Here you can access short stories and other content. Feel free to share if you like what you read, but please attribute to me as the author.

Thirty reasons why

Claire’s knees scream in protest; the cold concrete unforgiving. Groaning, she stands and pulls three stacked shoe boxes toward her. Envelopes and papers fall out as she stumbles backwards, her foot hitting the edge of an old rake, its handle falling forward and clunking her on the head. “Ouch,” she cries, rubbing the spot at…

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Playing with the boys

She’s late. Drumming my fingers on the steering wheel I sneak a look at my fingernails. Chewed. To the quick. It’s a bad habit I’ve tried to kick. One my male colleagues like to comment on. They enjoy critiquing my appearance. My hair … my breasts … my clothes … my bum …. my make-up.…

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The in-between

It was standing room only. Every seat taken. I always wondered who would turn up, but I never thought I would find out. Family, friends, neighbours, and colleagues gathered to say farewell. I recognised faces from my school and university days.

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